Mapping the IPCC Report onto the Curriculum: Land-Energy


Land - Energy

The land surface temperature responds to the temperature of the atmosphere.

IPCC Summary for Policymakers (SPM) content

  • A.1.3 The likely range of total human-caused global surface temperature increase from 1850–1900 to 2010–201911 is 0.8°C to 1.3°C, with a best estimate of 1.07°C

  • A.1.8 Changes in the land biosphere since 1970 are consistent with global warming: climate zones have shifted poleward in both hemispheres, and the growing season has on average lengthened by up to two days per decade since the 1950s in the Northern Hemisphere extratropics.

  • A.2.2 Global surface temperature has increased faster since 1970 than in any other 50-year period over at least the last 2000 years


Science Standards: NGSS SEP, DCI, CC

SEP: Analyzing & interpreting data

SEP: Engaging in argument from evidence

ESS2.D Weather & climate

ESS3.C Human impacts on Earth systems

ESS3.D Global climate change

CC: Cause & Effect

CC: Energy & Matter


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