Mapping the IPCC Report onto the Curriculum: Atmosphere-Water


Atmosphere - Water

Extra energy stored in water accelerates the hydrologic cycle. The atmosphere contains more water.

IPCC Summary for Policymakers (SPM) content

  • B.2.4 It is very likely that heavy precipitation events will intensify and become more frequent in most regions with additional global warming.

  • A.1.4 Globally averaged precipitation over land has likely increased since 1950, with a faster rate of increase since the 1980s (medium confidence). It is likely that human influence contributed to the pattern of observed precipitation changes since the mid-20th century

  • B.3.1 Continued global warming is projected to further intensify the global water cycle, including its variability, global monsoon precipitation and the severity of wet and dry events.


Science Standards: NGSS SEP, DCI, CC

SEP: Analyzing & interpreting data

SEP: Developing & using models

LS2.B Cycles of matter & energy transfer

ESS2.C The roles of water in Earth processes

ESS2.D Weather & climate

ESS3.D Global climate change

CC: Energy & matter

CC: Scale, proportion & quantity


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